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What to expect - adult's aerial classes

Warm up
We always start with about 10 minutes of simple and gentle cardio, stretching and mobility exercises. They are the sort of things that anyone can do, and we have variations for anyone needing them. In beginners aerial, we will work on two out of the following pieces of equipment, rotating every week so you get confident on all three.

Static trapeze 
Static trapeze is a fixed bar between two ropes. It’s not flying trapeze - you will swing slightly as you get on the bar, but that’s all. When you start learning trapeze, you will be able to reach the bar from the floor. You will learn how to move around the trapeze (getting onto the bar, sitting, standing etc) and as you gain confidence, balances, poses and dynamic movements. Once you are more confident you can try doubles trapeze (if you want to), where there are 2 people on the bar at the same time.


If the idea of climbing a rope brings back bad memories of gym class at school, we will change all that for you!! Our ropes are thick and soft and we will teach you proper technique, breaking everything down for you, and working at your own pace. You will be able to climb easily in no time. But climbing is just one aspect of rope - we will learn all sorts of balances, wraps and drops as well. You work low to the ground at first. None of it is easy but you will be amazed at how quickly you improve.

Silks are two pieces of fabric and have some elasticity to them. There are all sorts of wraps, balances and when you are more confident - drops - to learn. And as with everything, this will be all at your own pace. It’s similar to rope, but you can split the silks and do moves in between them.

Other things to know

  1. You will always have mats underneath you as you work

  2. You will be going upside-down often in class!

  3. We believe anyone can learn circus – we don’t exclude anyone

  4. We want our classes to be fun, friendly and non-competitive and we encourage everyone to support and help each other.

  5. Each individual will progress at a different rate, so abilities in one class will be varied.

  6. We go over the basics often and practise everything, aiming for a large vocabulary of moves.

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