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What is social circus?

Social Circus is about recognising that the art form and culture of circus can help people and communities - from increasing confidence and social skills to addressing issues like social isolation, mental health issues or lack of access to arts and cultural activity.

Participating in circus arts can be a very therapeutic experience and the circus community is always welcoming and non-competitive.  For young people, it can be an incredibly effective tool for learning deep-rooted skills to carry them through their life journeys.

Skills like:

Patience, confidence, social skills, personal health, cooperation and solidarity, problem-solving, well-being and happiness, self-esteem, leadership, teamwork, empathy and focus.

"Circus arts are a proven effective tool for fostering self-reliance among
even the most hard-to-reach young people. Social circus promotes physical and mental health and wellness, fosters a sense of belonging, encourages citizenship, empathy and socioeconomic integration and builds resilience."
Ready by Design: The Science (and Art) of Youth Readiness.

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